Choosing a Glass Shower Screen for Your Bathroom

If you’re designing a new bathroom, careful planning and thorough research count for everything.

Early planning means taking the finishing touches into account right from the get-go, so important fixtures such as custom glass showers only need to be limited by your concepts and creativity.

To get a sense of how frameless shower screens could work in your bathroom, take inspiration from the South West Glazing guide below.


Have Your Design from the Start

Early planning is key. We advise all home renovators and custom home builders to have a well-thought-out design ready, before any work begins on the bathroom. That’s right, before any demolition or construction begins!

If you leave it too late, this can limit your choice or style of shower screens, and the design may end up rushed or poorly planned. If you are planning on a frameless glass or custom glass shower, we especially advise doing your research during the planning stage.


Design for Your Bathroom Layout

The best shower screen is the one that fits into your bathroom. Take a look at your bathroom layout and its purpose, whether it’s an ensuite or a shared bathroom.

Even for a tight area, you can design a frameless shower screen to make the best use of the space given. Of course, the position and dimensions of a shower will affect the design of the shower door, tray and plumbing.


Choose the Glass for Your Design

If you’re after a custom glass shower that’s more durable, easier to maintain and will last the while, choose thicker or tempered glass. However, this heavier glass will need stronger support. If frameless glass shower screens is not the look you like or price tag then we have more affordable options.

All glass should come with a coating to prevent grime from building up, keeping them easy to clean, and framing on the edges, to protect from chips and cracks.


Contact Us at the Design Stage

We’ve seen too many customers come to glaziers and other finishing trades at the very end, when the tiler has begun or finished laying down the floor tiles. To make the most of your bathroom renovation, contact South West Glazing about your unique frameless glass showers.



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